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My Chicken Wuss, Chapter 3

The finale is here! Join us, as we follow Zell and Seifer during their mission to fight the thing that should not be outside of Timber. After the episode, we discuss our next fan fiction, which will be one from Final Fantasy X. Enjoy ringing in the new...
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My Chicken Wuss, Chapter 2

Didn’t get quite enough semi-erotic fan fiction readings of Final Fantasy last week? Fear not! For we have another episode for you! Join us as we uncover the truth about the love octagon between numerous characters of Final Fantasy VIII! Enjoy!
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Friendly Card Game, Chapter 7

The end has come! Join us as we read aloud Part 7 of Kanzen’s Friendly Card Game. We also discuss the winner of our poll for the next work of fan fiction we will read aloud. Enjoy!
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