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A Nude Hope

This week, we read a Star Wars Fan Fiction brought to us by Tribal Tat. Thanks to Kefkapalozza for bringing this fic to our attention. Enjoy the fap!!
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Chocolate Chocobo, Chapter 2

This week, we read the second part of Chocolate Chocobo. Join us for the revisiting of the chocolate, and the delivery boy. This time, Cloud get’s up close and personal with his higher ups. Enjoy!
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Chocolate Chocobo

This week, we read a fan fiction submitted by forum member Kefkapalozza! It involves a story between Zack, Cloud, Sephiroth, Angeal, and Genesis. And, of course, chocolate! Enjoy!
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Don Corneo Stinks

This week, we read a disgustingly hilarious fan fiction based around the interactions between Don Corneo, Cloud, and Tifa when they are infiltrating the Honey Bee Inn for information. Enjoy!!
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